Netmap Connections Summary Report

The Netmap Connections Summary Report contains a summary of all connection information collected during node discovery.

The following table describes the report columns:

Column Description
Server Name Name of the Sterling Connect:Direct® servers.
Netmap Entries The number of network map entries defined.
Last Used Date/Time The last time the server connected with another node.
API Address The TCP/IP address and port used by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor to establish a session with the Sterling Connect:Direct server.
DTF Address The TCP/IP address and port of the server that a remote Sterling Connect:Direct server uses to establish a connection.
Platform The platform on which the server is running.
Number of Partner Nodes The number of partner nodes defined in the network map and the statistics records of the server.
Explorer/Discovered The type of node. E = nodes defined in the Explorer List and D = nodes located in the Discovery List.