Adding an unmanaged server to the Explorer List

Before you perform node discovery on unmanaged servers, you have to add them to the Explorer List.

To add an unmanaged server to the Explorer List:
  1. Select Tools > Node Discovery.
  2. From the Explorer List tab, click the Create button. The Add Server to Explorer List wizard is displayed.
  3. Select Unmanaged Server and click Next.
  4. Select the type of server and click Next: Sterling Connect:Direct® with TCP/IP API or Sterling Connect:Direct for i5/OS. Sterling Connect:Direct server platforms that operate under TCP/IP API include:
    • Sterling Connect:Direct for HP NonStop
    • Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS®
    • Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX
    • Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows
  5. Do one of the following:
    • If you chose Sterling Connect:Directplatforms with TCP/IP API, provide the following required information about the server:
      • API Address
      • API Port
      • User ID
      • Password
    • If you chose Sterling Connect:Direct for i5/OS, provide the following information:
      • Host Name
      • Library Name
      • User ID
      • Password
  6. Complete optional fields with any available information. Refer to the context-sensitive Help for each field for more information.
  7. Click Test Connection to validate the login information provided.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review the information about the server. If the information is correct, click Finish to add the server.
  10. To add another server, click Add Another Server and repeat steps 39.
  11. Click Close.