Emergency Restore

  • The first step during Control Center Director upgrade management of a Connect:Direct® server is to perform a backup of the Connect:Direct product and all its system files. When any error occurs during upgrade, the Connect:Direct server is automatically restored from backup.
  • However, it is possible that after a successful upgrade a customer might observe behavior in the product that is undesirable. In that case, a customer may wish to perform an emergency restore.
  • Emergency Restore will update the Connect:Direct product and system files to its state as it was before upgrade processing began.
    Note: Any product activity performed after the Connect:Direct servers are upgraded and before Emergency Restore is performed, will be lost.
This procedure describes the emergency restore operation using the REST API. Note that, with v1.0.0.2, Control Center Director extends web console support for the Emergency Restore procedure for Connect:Direct for UNIX v6.1 and above. Support for Connect:Direct for Windows v6.1 is not available in this Fix Pack release. This will be supported in an upcoming maintenance release.

Control Center Director users can now schedule an Emergency Restore Job from the Deployments and Servers view. For more information see, Deployment Management and Server Management.

  1. Access RESTful API resources
  2. Invoke /server/emergencyRestore API
  3. Enter the Server names that you'd like to restore
    in the following request format:
    "serverNames": [
  4. Response structure displays the event ID as follows:
    { "data": <eventID> }
  5. To validate the restore status, invoke /server/get/event/status/{eventId}
  6. The response structure displays the restore status:
      "data": "SUCCESS"