Configuring Connect:Direct for Windows for License Governance

Set the following parameters (initparms) to automate license metrics collection from Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows.

Table 1. Initialization Parameters
Parameter (initparm) Possible Values


  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Solo
  • Default: Blank (undefined)


  • Production
  • Non-Production
  • Default: Non-Production


A non-negative integer
  • The license.pvu parameter is only applicable for Connect:Direct Premium licenses
  • This value can be calculated using the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) or it can be looked up at the IBM Processor Value Unit licensing website.
  • Default: 0
Note: All three initparms can be unset and a user does not have to supply a value.
Note: Ensure that you set the Statistics field to All when you define a User Authority for a Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows user. Setting to All enables all process access to license statistics. For more information see, Defining User Authority. This applies to the user that Control Center Director connects as using Certificate-Based Authentication.
Solo license edition type constraints:
  • A warning message is logged if the number of Netmap entries in netmap.cfg exceeds 2.
  • A warning message is logged when a transfer is initiated with third or later remote entry, in order of appearance.

  • The number of concurrent sessions is restricted to 2 or fewer