Database worksheet

Use the following worksheet to record production database setup information. You will need this information during IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor installation.

Parameter Database Type Value
Database type
Attention: Production and reports databases must be of the same type and version.
Database name All  
User name All  
Password All  
Database hostname

Can be an IP address or the server name.

Port number to access the database All  
Location of the mssql-jdbc-<n.n.n>.jre<n>.jar file Microsoft SQL Server (2016, 2017 and 2019)  
Location of the db2jcc4.jar file DB2® (UNIX and Microsoft Windows)  
Location name of the DB2 database DB2 (z/OS® or OS/390®)  
Location of the db2jcc4.jar database driver DB2 (z/OS or OS/390)  
Location of the DB2 database license file DB2 (z/OS or OS/390, Microsoft Windows, UNIX)  
Location of the ojdbc8.jar Oracle file Oracle  

Note these points concerning the DB2 JDBC driver file:

  • The DB2 JDBC driver files can be found in DB2InstallLocation\IBM\SQLLIB\java.
  • DB2 version 11.x, Type 4 driver. This driver comes with two files, db2jcc4.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar (UNIX and Microsoft Windows) or db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar (z/OS or OS/390).
  • When you use the JDBC driver to configure IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor with DB2 database, the JDBC driver files must come from the DB2 database location where IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor connects.