Setting up Microsoft SQL Server database and users

When you create Microsoft SQL databases and database users for use with Control Center Director, ensure that you have installed the JDBC drivers to enable the connection with Control Center Director.

When you install the server, accept the following settings:
  • Collation Setting as SQL_Latin1_GeneralCP1_CI_AS
  • Server Authentication as SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode
Also, ensure that you have are authorized to create the databases and database users.

If you need to determine your database and engine sizing, you must request a Server Sizing Study from your IBM Professional Services Project Manager or an IBM Sales Executive.

Create the database with the required settings outlined in following table.

  1. Create and configure a Microsoft SQL Server database instance with the required settings. Use SQL_Latin1_GeneralCP1_CI_AS as the Collation Setting when creating the instance.
  2. Create a database.
  3. Create user or users. You can use the one database user to access the two different databases.
  4. Grant permissions to the user or users.

    Use the following required settings to ensure Control Center Director can use the SQL databases.

    Table 1. SQL database settings
    Required Setting Database Schema More information
    Collation Setting SQL_Latin1_GeneralCP1_ CI_AS This setting should be set as part of the database creation.

    Login Security authentication

    SQL Server Authentication

    User Mapping:

    Select database.

    For Role Members, select db_owner.

    Map the user’s default schema to


    IBM Control Center supports only SQL Server authentication.

    Torn Page Detection Off