Using predefined actions and rules in SLCs

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor provides predefined actions and rules. You can use these actions and rules to monitor for SLC events and generate alerts when they occur. You can modify the predefined actions and rules as necessary to meet your processing requirements.

These actions and rules are displayed in the Actions and Rules listings respectively.

To modify a predefined action or rule:
  1. Create an SLC to monitor a Process or file transfer.
  2. Review Predefined actions and rules to find the rule that you want to modify.
  3. Review Message IDs for rules to find the message IDs generated by the SLC.
  4. Access the rule for each associated message ID. On the Server Groups or Servers tab, select the server group or servers to monitor.
  5. All predefined rules, except for one, are enabled. (The one exception is the Monitor rate out of compliance rule.) If you do not want to use a rule, you must disable it.