Deployment Management

Click Deployment tab on the Control Center Director Web Console navigation menu to seamlessly upgrade Connect:Direct servers in your deployment to a later version.

Before you begin

  • Download the latest supported Connect:Direct fix pack on your local computer.
  • Ensure that you have configured your Control Center Director instance to define where the Connect:Direct packages will be made available for auto-discovery.
  • Control Center Director Administrator must manually secure and assign privliges to the packages directory before executing any upgrade and/or applies maintenance operations to Connect:Direct nodes.
  • Auto sense feature enables Control Center Director to detect and process the packages after they are added into/removed from the designated directory. It can take up to 15 minutes for the packages to show up under the Deployment view.
  • In some cases after a failed upgrade, the fastest solution is to roll back to a previous release you were using. For more information see, Emergency Restore

Key Concepts: Deployment

  • When you work with Deployment, there are two main approaches that can be used to manage the upgrade process in your deployment.


    • Packages to list and manage all Connect:Direct packages auto-discovered by your Control Center Director instance
    • Deployments to create a job (schedule upgrade) and list a job status (upgrade state)
    • New Install to install a new Connect:Direct server from your Control Center Director instance
  • Your user role also determines what is displayed in Deployments view. For example, if you are a restricted user, clicking Create Job>Select Server Groups/Servers displays only servers/groups assigned to the user.
  • To view the upgrade status of a server, go to Deployments > All Jobs tab.
    • The Type field displays Completed if all the servers and/or server group are processed successfully
    • The Status field displays Partial if some servers in a server group have upgraded successfully while some did not

After a package is displayed in the Packages view, it can be scheduled for an upgrade throughout in your current deployment.