FTP server considerations

You need to be aware of considerations for both z/OS FTP servers and non-z/OS FTP servers, including WS_FTP when you are integrating them withIBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor.

WS_FTP and z/OS FTP servers produce logs or SNMP traps to record transfer activities. Ensure that IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor can use the information in these logs or traps to display statistics so that you can monitor these servers.

The following topics provide more information about working with FTP servers in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor:

If you are working in a high availability environment and IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor is monitoring a newly added FTP server, then you must assign the new server an event processor. The event processor must match the server configuration. To successfully send traps from a WS_FTP server, you must configure the server to send the traps to the event processor that is monitoring the server. If the event processor fails, you must reconfigure the server to send the traps to the new event processor that monitors the server. You lose the traps if you do not reconfigure the server.