Creating a secure connection to the web server

Although connections between an IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor event processor and the Jetty Web application server cannot be secured, you can configure a secure connection to encrypt transactions between the Jetty Web Application server and the browser. This configuration can be completed in either a high availability or non-high availability environment.

Create and configure the keystore and truststore files in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.

In a high availability environment, every event processor's keystore certificate must be trusted by your other event processors in the cluster. In every event processor's truststore, you must include the certificate. You can use the same keystore and truststore files for every event processor in your high availability environment. You might receive a browser security warning when you access the web console on an event processor where the common name does not match the host name that you are connecting to.

To create a secure connection to the web server in a high availability or non-high availability environment:
  1. Use one of the following methods to run the configCC utility:
    Microsoft Windows UNIX
    Double-click configCC.bat in installation directory\bin. Run the utility from installation directory/bin.
  2. Answer N (no) to questions in other sections until you reach the web server section of configCC.
  3. If you are prompted to re-configure Web Server (Jetty Web Application Server), type Y.
  4. Type Y to confirm the action.
  5. Type the port number.
  6. Type the secure port number.
  7. Type the event processor host name.
  8. Type the listening address.
  9. Review the values you entered and type y if they are correct. To edit the values, type Y and specify the correct values.