Column Management and Advanced Search

On every Object Type page, you can adjust the grid based on your preferences.

To perform column management:
  1. Go to Configuration tab and select the required object type from the left navigation pane.
  2. Select the Server and Version from the drop down lists.
  3. Click the overflow menu icon (Overflow menu icon displays a list of actions) and choose:
    • Personalize Table Columns: to decide the Column Visibility and Column Order to be displayed in the grid.
    • Personalize Table Rows: to change the Number of Rows Per Page to be displayed and Row Height.
  • Use the Search bar to search for the desired records. When you click on the search bar, a drop down appears. Use this drop down to select the columns to perform search on. If the field is not available for search, you can use Browser Find On Page (CTRL+F) to search the visible content on the page.
  • Use the Favorite icon to save the applied personalization. Search performed with Browser Find on Page is not saved in favorites.

Advanced Search

You can use the advanced search icon () to refine your search criteria. You can also use Add Criteria button to add multiple criterion sequentially.
  • If you are using Oracle database, you may set ORACLE_ENABLE_CASE_INSENSITIVE_SEARCH (from to true or false (default value), to perform case sensitive and insensitive search respectively.
    Attention: Enabling case insensitive search may lead to slow performance on some screens. It is best to disable this if you see performance issues.
  • For all other databases, the search is always case insensitive.