Enabling Personal Workspace in the Standalone Cognos Instance

When an IBM® Control Center Monitor user is created via the IBM Control Center Classic Console, a personal workspace for that user is automatically created. The personal workspace is originally created by saving Team Content/workspaces/default_personal to Team Content/Personal Workspaces/{userId}. After it is created, the ICC Personal workspace {userId} could have any content as each ICC user could have updated their personal workspace via the IBM Control Center Monitor web console.

When the Cognos migration scripts are run, Content/NoAccountWorkspaces/default_personal is created. This default_personal workspace is a copy of the original Team Content/workspaces/default_personal but it has been modified to remove all references to account.parameters. Therefore, after you have run the 2 standalone Cognos scripts and have your standalone Cognos instance running, you can do the following to remove any personal workspace errors:
  1. Select Team Content > Personal Workspaces to see how many personal workspaces are there. At a minimum, you will have admin. There should be one for each userid defined to your IBM Control Center Monitor instance. Click on the workspace that you want to test.
  2. If the workspace you selected is just the standard IBM Control Center Monitor out-of-the box workspace, with no custom changes that you want to save, do the following:
    1. Select Team Content > NoAccountWorkspaces and click on default_personal.
    2. Click on the action drop down icon and select Save As.
    3. Navigate to the Team Content > Personal Workspaces > {userid} folder and click Save. Your {userid} personal workspace, will now be reset to the default personal workspace and any widget from the default personal workspace will have no reference to account.parameters and will therefore run without errors.
  3. If the workspace you selected has custom changes that have been made by the user, do the following:
    1. Select Team Content > Personal Workspaces > {userid} to open the workspace.
    2. Click on the top border of any widget that has an error window so that a menu bar pops up.
    3. Click the first action icon and select Properties.
    4. In the Properties panel, take note of what widget it is and click OK to close.
    5. Click on the action icon again and select Remove from Workspace.
    6. Click Remove to confirm the removal.
    7. Expand the content directory and then, expand the NoAccountCCWidgets folder and select and drag the widget noted in step d above to the spot where you removed the widget with the error.
    8. Repeat steps b-g for each widget with an error. After all widgets are fixed, use the Save icon on the main workspace menu bar to save the workspace.
Attention: You should not have any errors in any custom reports or widgets that you wrote, unless you used account.parameters in your reports/widgets. If you used account.parameters, then you need to open your custom report or widget in the Cognos report editor and remove any reference toaccount.parameters.