Calendar field descriptions

You can use many fields to define a calendar.

The following table describes the fields that comprise a calendar.
Field Description
Name A name for the calendar.
Description Text that describes the calendar.
Recurrence Range: Start Date when the calendar is to start (defaults to creation date).
Recurrence Range: End: No End Date No end date is set for this calendar.
Recurrence Range: End: End By The date on which this calendar ends. Defaults to the last day of the year after the creation date. You cannot set it beyond that date.
Recurrence Pattern The frequency of occurrence (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly). Select an end time for the recurrence range by clicking the calendar and selecting a date or select No end date to create a nonending recurrence range. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly to identify how often to run the schedule. For each option, select the recurrence pattern to use.
Permissions: Restricted Roles Restricted roles to select from. Select a role and move to Selected Restricted Roles by clicking the Right Arrow button.
Permissions: Selected Restricted Roles Restricted roles that have permission to modify this calendar.
Permissions: This calendar is visible to all users When selected, this option makes the calendar public and available for selection by all users. Once a public calendar is referenced by any other object, you cannot make it private by restricting visibility to specific roles/users.
Permissions: This calendar is visible to restricted users in these Selected Restricted Roles When restricted roles are selected, this option allows only restricted users in the selected roles to view/select/edit the calendar.
Modifications Shows active and inactive dates for the selected calendar. Active dates are shaded yellow. Click a date to activate or deactivate. Click Reset to reset the calendar to the dates originally set by choosing the Recurrence Pattern on the previous page. Click the Left Arrow button  to move to a prior month. Click the Right Arrow button to move forward to the next month.