Viewing alerts

You can view lists of active and handled alerts in the web console dashboard. Access the lists from either the Monitor menu option or the Active alerts widget.

In the Active alerts and Handled alerts lists, you can view information such as alert severity, creation date, and rule that triggered the alert. You can filter the alerts lists by server type and alert severity and drill into more details about an alert. In addition, you can add columns to the lists and sort the order of columns.
Attention: Users given restricted roles see only the alerts that are associated with their data visibility group, whereas unrestricted users see all alerts. See Permissions for more information about how permissions affect the users actions on alerts.
  1. To access the alerts lists either:
    • In the Active alerts widget on the web console dashboard, click an alerts severity chart to see a list of alerts that are filtered by severity. You can also click View all alerts to see a list of all active alerts.
    • In the web console, select Monitor > Active alerts or Monitor > Handled alerts.
  2. You can filter the list to narrow the results:
    • To filter a list by server type, click the caret next to Active alerts or Handled alerts to display the filter options and select one or more server types.
    • To filter the list of alerts for a specific server, search the server name.
    • To filter the list by severity, click the High, Medium, or Low tab.
  3. To view details for an alert, click the alert description.
    Tip: To customize your alerts lists, click the menu button () > System Settings > Custom Views . icon. You are able to add and remove columns form the alerts table and reorder columns. Then, for either Defaults for all server types, or a specific server type, click Views > Active Alerts or Handled Alerts- each view may be customized separately from one another.