Viewing process statistics for servers

You can view process statistics related to one or more servers, server groups, or a specific server type.

Users who have roles with data visibility group restrictions see only the process statistics associated with their data visibility groups.

To view Process statistics for a server, server group, or server type:

  1. Right-click an item (server, server group, or server type) and select Select Statistics / Search Activities... Classic.
    Fast path: To get redirected to web console, click Select Statistics / Search Activities, and you will be able to view the events associated with that server.
  2. To limit the number of records retrieved, specify filtering criteria. You must specify at least one server in the matching criteria.
  3. To further limit the records retrieved, specify a value in the Max Records Returned field.
  4. Click OK.

    The Statistics Viewer window displays with the detailed or summary statistics you requested.

  5. To open a Statistics Detail window, double-click a statistics record in the Statistics Viewer. You can display data for the next or previous statistic record by clicking the left and right arrow keys.