User field descriptions

You can use many fields to describe the fields that define IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor users.

Field Description
User ID User identification. A code that is used to identify and authenticate a user who wants to access IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
Password A code the user enters to gain access to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
Host Name The host computer through which the user accesses IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor and IBM Sterling External Authentication Server.
Windows Domain The Microsoft Windows domain from which the user signs in.
TCP/IP Address The IP address from which the user can sign in.
External Authentication Whether to connect to an external authentication system and what identification to enter. Select from the following values:
  • None
  • Use User ID - authenticate externally with the IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor User ID
  • Use External ID - enter a separate ID for the external authentication system in the next field
Description Descriptive information about the user.
Role The role, with its attendant permissions, that is assigned to the user.