Manage users

Before a user can log in to IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor, the user must be defined. Use the Users listing to add users, modify user definitions, and remove users.

For each user you define, you must identify one or more of the following criteria by which to authenticate the user:

  • Password
  • Host Name
  • Microsoft Windows Domain
  • TCP/IP Address
Note: If you are using IBM Sterling External Authentication Server, you do not need this authentication criteria.

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor encrypts passwords. However, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor does not encrypt log records, user names, names, and email addresses.

Information is required in one of these four fields. If the user fails to provide the authentication information, an error message warns the user that the information is required.

Additionally, you must define the role each user is authorized to perform when you define the user.

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor ships with a default admin user ID named “admin.” Keep in mind the following when dealing with this user ID:

  • You cannot delete it.
  • It is assigned the superuser role.
  • You can change this user's role to something other than superuser.

User information that is stored in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor include user name, password, and email address. You can view, change, or delete the information if you have "manage" permission.