How do I pass an operating system command and variables to open a help desk ticket?

You can create an action that calls a user-written program (named GenHelpTicket.exe in this example) that opens a Help Desk ticket when the rule it is attached to is triggered.

The action also passes an XML string of event data to the user-written program. When you are calling an operating system command, the called program must be on the same computer on which the IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor engine is located.
  1. Create an action with a Name and Description similar to the following.
    • Name: Open Ticket
    • Description: Call GenHelpTicket to open ticket
  2. Skip to the OS Command wizard page and make the following entry.
    "c:\Program Files\GenHelpTicket.exe" &processName; &processId;
    Restriction: The entry must be enclosed in quotation marks because of the space in the file path name. The following is an example that involves UNIX, where no quotation marks are required: cmd /c copy C:\Users\sflan\apkeyf1.txt D:\Users\sflan\apkeyf2.txt
  3. Use Insert Var to insert the Process Name and Process ID variable names.
  4. Click Next through the remaining pages and confirm your choices.