Configuring event processing for a secure connection

To use the event processor over a secure connection, you must configure the Jetty Web Application server and event repository for a secure connection. After the configuration, event processing can occur over a secure connection.

To configure event processing for a secure connection:

  1. Stop the WebSphere® Application Server Liberty profile.
  2. Configure the web server for a secure connection. See Creating a secure connection to the web server.
  3. Configure the event repository for a secure connection by choosing one of the following steps:
    • If you are using the event repository RESTful APIs for Process events, then POST to the event repository URL by including https, for example https://server:port/sccwebclient/events/_bulk_docs.
    • If you are using the event publisher SDK for Java, then in the configuration file of the event publisher SDK on the server enterevent.repository.url as https://liberty_hostname:https_port/sccwebclient/events. For IBM Global High Availability Mailbox servers, update the file of the Global Mailboxserver under shared directory/config.
  4. Start the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile.