Using collected Sterling B2B Integrator process data

You can also use the collected process data in rules, metadata rules, SLCs, and reports.

The following items related to using process data in IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor:

  • The element name in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor event for the process data is SI.Process Data.
  • The XPath must always start with the prefix, /ProcessData, for example, /ProcessData/FTPClientBeginSessionServiceResults/ServerResponse/Text.
  • Only one XPath can be specified for a specific business process in IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
  • If a business process (parent) invokes another business process (child), you must specify the same XPath for both the parent and child business processes to collect the process data for all the steps in a workflow instance.

The following XML document example of a parent business process (SCC_Process1) invokes a child business process (CCC_GetInfo) in INLINE mode:

<process name="SCC_Process1">
      <participant name="InvokeSubProcessService" />
      <output message="Xout" >
        <assign to="INVOKE_MODE">INLINE</assign>
        <assign to="WFD_NAME">CCC_GetInfo</assign>
      <input message="Xin" >
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>
<operation name="Wait">
      <participant name="WaitService"/>
      <output message="WaitServiceTypeInputMessage">
        <assign to="WAIT_INTERVAL">2</assign>
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>
      <input message="inmsg">
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>

In this example, Step 2 is part of business process CCC_GetInfo. To collect process data for all steps of Instance ID 157547, the XPath must be specified for both SCC_Process1 and CCC_GetInfo.