Creating a User Proxy Definition

Create a user proxy definition to enable a remote user to access the local Sterling Connect:Direct® server and issue commands and statements.

To create a user proxy definition:

  1. Right-click the Sterling Connect:Direct server where the user proxy is to be defined and click Configure Server > User Proxies.
  2. Choose the action Create User Proxy.
  3. Optionally, select one or more Sterling Connect:Direct servers or server groups on which to create the definition. Click Next.
  4. Take one of these steps:
    • To create a user proxy definition by typing all information, select Enter all User Proxy details.
    • To create a definition by copying an existing user proxy, select Start from an existing User Proxy entry on another server. Select the server where the definition is located in the Server field and the user proxy to copy in the User Proxy field.
    • To create a user proxy definition from an existing template, select Start from a User Proxy template and select the template to copy in the Template entry field.
  5. Complete the user proxy definition fields. Click Next to move through the definition panels.
  6. To overwrite entries that exist, select Overwrite User Proxy entry if it already exists on the server.
  7. In the Job Name field, type a name for the configuration job. In the Job Description field, type a description of the configuration job.
  8. Identify when the proxy definition is to be created:
    • Now to update the file immediately.
    • Hold for later to send the job to the job queue with a status of Held.
    Note: Select Hold for later if you are not ready to initiate the User Proxy creation job.
    • Schedule for later and then specify a time zone and date/time when the job is to run. This option sends the job to the job queue with a status of Scheduled.

    Click Next.

  9. Click Finish.
  10. To run the job or view information about the completed job, click Go To Job Viewer or click Close.