Communication path field definitions

Sterling Connect:Direct® contains several netmap communication path fields.

This table defines the communication path fields.

Field Description Valid Values
Communication Path Name The name of the communication path. This field is required. A one- to 49-character (alphanumeric) string
Protocol The type of communication protocol. TCP/IP | APPC | UDT33
Mode The communication path mode. This field is required.  
Adapter Number Indicates whether the token ring adapter number to be used for this connection is Primary or Alternate. (APPC only.) Primary | Alternate
Remote Address The token ring address of the remote node. This address consists of hexadecimal digits. Enter all zeros if the local node is the same as the remote node. (APPC only.) Valid remote node token ring address.
Local SNA Network The SNA network name of the local Sterling Connect:Direct node. This name must match the name of the SNA network to which the local Sterling Connect:Direct node is connected. (APPC only.) Valid SNA network name
LU Name The name of a local APPC LU configured within Microsoft SNA Server. Required. (APPC only.) Valid LU alias name