Managing your Sterling Connect:Direct configurations

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor helps you answer configuration questions about your Sterling Connect:Direct® servers such as, “Are my servers configured correctly” and “Do they comply with our security policy?”

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor provides you with a centralized, simplified means of managing your Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX, Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS®, and Sterling Secure Proxy servers by:

  • Offering a common interface for managing and auditing server configurations.
  • Normalizing parameters across platforms that might have different names and value pairs.
  • Allowing platform-specific syntax checking and easy-access tooltip help.
  • Providing a means for updating, viewing, auditing, and tracking versions (including rollback) of configuration data for Sterling Connect:Direct servers.
  • Offering a way to schedule when and what time configuration jobs are run.
  • Generating an audit log to identify what changes were made and who made them. This feature also applies to IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor system configuration.
  • Managing the configuration of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus on remote Sterling Connect:Direct servers.
  • Alerting you about Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus certificate expiry.
  • Offering a way for you to quickly identify Sterling Connect:Direct servers that do and do not have Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus installed through information displayed in the Server List View.