Customizing a report

Once you create and save a report definition, you can run it any time. A report definition identifies the criteria used to create the report output. Use the customize option to modify a report definition.

To customize a report:
  1. In the IBM® Control Center Monitor console, click Tools > Reports > Define/Run.
  2. Highlight the report you want to customize and click Duplicate.
    The Customize Report window opens.
  3. Make changes as necessary to the existing filter and sort criteria and click Update.
  4. On the Confirm Choices wizard panel, click Run Report to generate the report.
    The report is displayed in the Jasper Reports Viewer, which is a separate browser.
  5. When you are finished using the Jasper Reports Viewer, click the browser close button to close the report output window
  6. To save the report with the criteria you selected, type a Report Name and optional Description on the Save Report wizard panel and click Save.
    The report is saved and displayed in the Existing Reports section where all reports are listed in alphabetical order.
  7. Click Close to close the Create Report dialog.