What's changed

To meet your business needs, IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor provides changes to existing features.

What's changed for V6.2

IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor V6.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • You must run configCC.sh or configCC.bat after if you used GUI installer for installing IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor. For more information, see Installing IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor.
  • With this release, you can choose the product entitlement while running configCC.sh/configCC.bat script.
  • You can upgrade to Control Center Monitor version 6.2 only from version 6.1 or later. For more information, please see Upgrading and migrating.
  • The Cognos support along with workspaces is removed. Cognos Intelligence Server has been replaced with Jasper Reports Library. You will be able to use all the existing reports using Jasper Reports.
  • If you wish to continue using Cognos with its custom widgets, custom reports and workspaces, you will have to Migrate to standalone Cognos.
  • The WebSphere Application Server has been replaced with Jetty Web Application Server.
  • User and Roles can be managed only from IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor web console
  • System Settings can now be modified from IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor web console.
  • From this release, Windows service will not be created with Event Processor's name. For information, see Known Limitations.
  • You must provide a valid working e-mail (SMTP) server connection details to create new Control Center Users. For information, see Configuring system settings. For existing users, if you have not already added a valid e-mail, you will be prompted to add your e-mail ID upon first login.
  • Staging database is no longer supported from this release. For more information on databases, refer to Databases.