Duplicating a key certificate

To simplify creation of a Sterling Connect:Direct® Secure Plus key certificate, you can duplicate an existing one.

Note: You cannot create a duplicate key certificate on Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS®.

Duplicate works only on the server where the original Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus certificate is located. All properties of the existing entry prefill the input fields in the creation wizard of the duplicate. You must supply Label Name with a unique value and the passphrase of the key certificate. To duplicate a Sterling Connect:Direct Secure Plus key certificate:

  1. Right-click a Sterling Connect:Direct server or server group and select Configure Server > Secure+ > Secure+ Nodes.
    Note: If this option is disabled, it is likely due to the fact the server requires a secure connection and one is not being used by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor.
  2. Select the certificate to duplicate and choose the action Duplicate.
  3. In the Label Name field, type a unique value. Type the passphrase for the certificate.
  4. Make any other changes necessary on this and remaining wizard pages, clicking Next to advance to the next page.
  5. To update a parameter value if the value is already defined on the destination node, select Overwrite Key Certificate if it already exists on the server.
  6. In the Job Name field, type a name for the configuration job. In the Job Description field, type a description of the configuration job.
  7. Identify when the certificate is to be duplicated:
    • Now to duplicate the certificate immediately.
    • Hold for later to send the job to the job queue with a status of Held.
    Note: Select Hold for later if you are not ready to initiate the Duplicate Key certificate job.
    • Schedule for later and then specify a time zone and date/time when the job is to run. This option sends the job to the job queue with a status of Scheduled.

    Click Next.

  8. Click Finish.
  9. If you selected Hold for later as the job timing option, write down the job number so you can run it at a later time.
  10. To run the job or view information about the completed job, click Go To Job Viewer or click Close.