Viewing servers in the web console

Individual servers list

The Individual servers list shows the servers that are defined in IBM® Control Center Monitor by server type in alphabetical order. This view shows general information for all servers, such as name and server address.

To see more unique server properties, go to Servers > Individual servers, then select a server. In the Server properties window, select the type of information that you want to see, such as Environment for Sterling B2B Integrator servers.

Certain menus are specific to a particular server type. For example, for an IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for z/OS® server, the menu might list the following options:
  • Active alerts
  • Handled alerts
  • Daemon status monitor
  • Properties
  • Pause monitoring

Server groups list

To view the list of server groups, go to Servers > Server groups. Server groups shows both system server groups that are provided in IBM Control Center Monitor and the groups that you defined. The system server groups are organized by the following server types:
  • Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Sterling Connect:Direct®
  • Sterling Connect:Enterprise
  • Sterling Connect:Express
  • FTP
  • MQ MFT
  • Sterling Secure Proxy
  • Dynamically discovered servers, such as IBM Global High Availability Mailbox
Also, Sterling Connect:Direct servers are listed by the following types of platforms into individual folders:
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for HP NonStop
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for i5/OS (OS400)
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS
For information displayed in columns on a grid, such as the Individual Servers list, you can manipulate how data is displayed by using the following methods:
  • Type your criteria in the search box.
  • Select to sort servers by one of the following options:
    • Description ascending
    • Description descending
    • Last check-in ascending
    • Last check-in descending
    • Name ascending
    • Name descending
    • Server type ascending
    • Server type descending

Server icons

The server icons in the Individual servers and Servers groups lists provide a visual representation of server status.
Icon Status Description
Image shows a status icon for a server that is active.
Active The monitored server is active and successfully contacted by IBM Control Center Monitor.
Image shows a status icon for a monitored server that is down.
Down The monitored server is down and not successfully contacted by IBM Control Center Monitor.
Image shows a status icon for a server that is paused.
Paused The monitoring of the server by an event processor is paused .
Image shows a status icon for a server that has a warning.
Warning The status of the server is unknown because the server cannot be contacted by IBM Control Center Monitor. The server might be offline, or the server IP address or port number might be incorrect in IBM Control Center Monitor.
Image shows a server icon. Server  
Image shows a Global Mailbox icon. Global Mailbox  
Image shows a data center icon. Data center  
Image shows a services icon. Services