Sterling Connect:Express Process Statistics Summary

The Sterling Connect:Express Process Statistics Summary report contains summary statistics about processes occurring on managed Sterling Connect:Express servers during the specified time period.

The following table describes the report columns:

Column Description
Date Time Date and time that the statistics record was generated.
Server Name Name of the managed server that generated the status record.
Process Name Sterling Connect:Express process name.
Process Number Identification number assigned to each process.
Submitter User ID of the user who submitted the process.
Return Code Numeric code returned from a completed process that indicates failure or success. The following are the standard return codes:
  • 0 indicates successful completion
  • 4 indicates a warning
  • 8 indicates an error
  • 16 indicates a unrecoverable error
Message ID IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor or Sterling Connect:Express message identification number. See the appropriate product documentation for a description of message IDs.
Message Text Short message text associated with the message ID.