Before you set up the database

Key Concepts

  • Control Center Director supports the following database types to store statistics and other information collected from monitored servers:
    • DB2 on UNIX and Microsoft Windows
    • Oracle on UNIX and Microsoft Windows
    • Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows servers

      For more information on supported platforms, versions, and editions, see Software Product Compatibility Reports.

  • Control Center Director uses the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface to connect to database servers.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded required JDBC drivers for your databases before you start installing Control Center Director. Contact your database provider to download the JDBC drivers. For more information on supported version see, System Requirements.
Complete the following high-level tasks to create and setup databases for use with Control Center Director:
  1. Install Control Center Director
  2. Download required JDBC drivers.
  3. Review the following topics related to database requirements and settings.
  4. After you create the required databases, provide the Database connection parameters. Control Center Director creates the required tables, views, and indexes during the installation and configuration process.
  5. Ensure Control Center Director database users are given the required permissions to access the created databases.