Data visibility group field descriptions

Data visibility groups are used to segment the data a user can view.

Field Description
Description A description of the data visibility group.
Name The name for the data visibility group. A data visibility group defines events (data) that users will be able to view and act upon.
Parameters Parameters that specify the data users can monitor. Parameters are specified as keys, operators, values. The following keys are available for use in data visibility groups.
CX.Event Type
CX.File Bytes Transferred
CX.File Label
CX.File Transfer Protocol
CX.Local File Name
CX.Local Node Name
CX.Network Bytes Transferred
CX.Network Return Code
CX.Number of Records Transferred
CX.Operating System
CX.Other Node Name
CX.Process Originator
CX.Protocol Return Code
CX.Receiver of File
CX.Request Type
CX.Return Code
CX.Sender of File
CX.Server Name
CX.System Return Code
CX.Transfer Destination
CX.Transfer Direction
CX.Transfer Identified
CX.Transfer Origin
CX.Type of Link
CX.User Data Received
CX.User Data Sent
Destination File
Direction (inBound or outBound)
FG.Activity (A or R or D)
FG.Arrived File Name

File Agent Name
File Agent Rule
File Agent Trigger File
From Server
Local Node (P or S)
MQMFT.The MQ MFT message ID
MQMFT.The MQ MFT action type
MQMFT.The action time
MQMFT.-call's outcome
MQMFT.-call result's error
MQMFT.-call result's outcome
MQMFT.-call result's return code
MQMFT.-call result's stderr output

MQMFT.-call result's stdout output
MQMFT.-call result's time
MQMFT.-call result's retries
MQMFT.-call command arguments
MQMFT.-call command name
MQMFT.-call command retry count
MQMFT.-call command retry wait
MQMFT.-call command successful return code
MQMFT.-call command type
MQMFT.Destination queue manager
MQMFT.Destination agent
MQMFT.Destination bridge URL
MQMFT.Destination's OS arch
MQMFT.Destination's OS name
MQMFT.Destination's OS version
MQMFT.MQ MFT identifier for the transfer
MQMFT.Job name (if provided). Otherwise,
MQMFT.User provided metadata
MQMFT.Hostname of the originator
MQMFT.The originator's MQMD user ID
MQMFT.The originator's user ID
MQMFT.-postdest call's outcome
MQMFT.-postdest call's error
MQMFT.-postdest call result's outcome
MQMFT.-postdest call result's return code
MQMFT.-postdest call result's stderr output
MQMFT.-postdest call result's stdout output
MQMFT.-postdest call result's time
MQMFT.-postdest call result's retries
MQMFT.-postdest command arguments
MQMFT.-postdest command name
MQMFT.-postdest command retry count
MQMFT.-postdest command retry wait
MQMFT.-postdest command successful return code
MQMFT.-postdest command type
MQMFT.-postsrc call's outcome
MQMFT.-postsrc call's error
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's outcome
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's return code
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's stderr output
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's stdout output
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's time
MQMFT.-postsrc call result's retries
MQMFT.-postsrc command arguments
MQMFT.-postsrc command name
MQMFT.-postsrc command retry count
MQMFT.-postsrc command retry wait
MQMFT.-postsrc command successful return code
MQMFT.-postsrc command type
MQMFT.-predest call's outcome
MQMFT.-predest call result's error
MQMFT.-predest call result's outcome

MQMFT.-predest call result's return code
MQMFT.-predest call result's stderr output
MQMFT.-predest call result's stdout output
MQMFT.-predest call result's time
MQMFT.-predest call result's retries
MQMFT.-predest command name
MQMFT.-predest command retry count
MQMFT.-predest command retries
MQMFT.-predest command successful return code
MQMFT.-predest command type
MQMFT.-presrc call's outcome
MQMFT.-presrc call result's error
MQMFT.-presrc call result's outcome
MQMFT.-presrc call result's return code
MQMFT.-presrc call result's stderr output
MQMFT.-presrc call result's stdout output
MQMFT.-presrc call result's time
MQMFT.-presrc call result's retries
MQMFT.-presrc command arguments
MQMFT.-presrc command name
MQMFT.-presrc command retry count
MQMFT.-presrc command retry wait
MQMFT.-presrc command successful return code
MQMFT.-presrc command type
MQMFT.Source agent queue manager
MQMFT.Source agent name
MQMFT.Source agent bridge URL
MQMFT.Source agent's OS arch
MQMFT.Source agent's OS name
MQMFT.Source agent's OS version
MQMFT.Statistics actual start time
MQMFT.Statistics number of file failures
MQMFT.Statistics number of file warnings
MQMFT.Statistics retry count
MQMFT.rslt code
MQMFT.Destination checksum
MQMFT.Destination checksum method
MQMFT.Destination exists
MQMFT.Destination last modification date/time
MQMFT.Destination queue group ID
MQMFT.Destination queue message count
MQMFT.Destination queue message ID
MQMFT.Destination queue message length
MQMFT.Destination file size
MQMFT.Transfer mode
MQMFT.Srouce checksum
MQMFT.Source checksum method
MQMFT.Source disposition
MQMFT.Source last modified date/time
MQMFT.Source queue group ID
MQMFT.Source queue message count
MQMFT.Source queue message ID
MQMFT.Source queue message length
MQMFT.Source file size
MQMFT.Transfer result code
MQMFT.Transfer message
MQMFT.Transfer start timeOrig Node
Pnode Account Info
Process Name
Remote Node
Server ID
Servers and Server Groups
Server Type
Source File
Step Name