Importing information into a standard SLC group

You can import a text file into a standard SLC group.

The text file may include information about:

  • Sterling Connect:Direct® or FTP Process names and Sterling B2B Integrator business process names
  • File names within Sterling Connect:Direct or FTP Processes or Sterling B2B Integrator business process activities
  • Sterling Connect:Direct or FTP remote servers/recipients
  • Sterling Connect:Direct or FTP Process or Sterling B2B Integrator business process submitter IDs
  • Sterling Connect:Enterprise® Batch IDs
  • Sterling Connect:Enterprise sender and recipient Mailbox IDs
To import a file into an SLC:
  1. Click Import on one of the following SLC Create wizard or Properties pages:
    • Processes/Batches
    • File Names
    • Submitters/Senders
    • Remote Servers/Recipients
  2. In the Import window that displays, navigate to the text file, select it, and click Import. The text is imported. Multiple items must be separated by commas. You can edit the imported text if necessary.
  3. Click Next to continue.