Server down rule

The bank created a “Server down” rule for a monitored server.

The rule provides the following instructions for IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor:

When a server down message ID is detected for a monitored server, a high-severity alert is generated in the Active Alerts Monitor. An email notification is sent to the monitoring staff.

When the bank defined the rule, they selected the “Server down” action they defined earlier.

Field Value
Name Server down
Description This rule is triggered when a monitored server goes down.
Key Message Id
Operator Matches
Value CCTR034E (Server is down - for monitored servers)
Action Server down

A schedule was not required because the rule needs to be in effect always.

The following graphic shows the building blocks that comprise the “Server down” rule:

Image displays the Message Id that triggers the rule, the rule, and actions.

When the Message ID indicating that a server is down, CCTR034E, is detected, the "Server down" rule is triggered. Because there are no time constraints for this rule, no schedule is needed. When the rule is triggered, IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor displays an alert and sends an email message to the "Monitoring staff" list.