Installing maintenance and fixes

You can install Control Center Director maintenance and fixes in Microsoft Windows, UNIX, zLinux, and AIX platforms.

  • Download the iFix from Fix Central website and install the latest iFix available.
  • To extract the installer use the following command format on UNIX platform:
    unzip IBM_CCDirector_1.0.0.0_Linux_x64_<iFix_FixPack_name>.zip
The following procedure describes how to install Control Center Director maintenance and fixes:
  1. Close Control Center Director Web Console and RESTful API interface.
  2. Run the following utilities:
    1. For Windows platform, invoke stopEngine.bat to stop the Control Center Director engine and stopWebAppServer.bat to stop Control Center Director Web Services.
    2. For all other platforms, invoke to stop all Control Center Director services.
  3. Take a snapshot of the Control Center Director database for fall back purposes.
  4. Back up \conf and \web\conf subfolder in the Control Center Director installation folder.
  5. Run the installer and select the existing Control Center Director installation folder as the destination folder.
  6. For all prompts, keep the same value that was defined in the previous version and click Next.
  7. Run config.bat/sh.
    Note: This step is optional. Do not change database configuration and keep the same value that was defined in the previous version.
    Important: Do not select Yes for reinitialization of the database for either Production or Staging.
  8. Invoke runEngine.bat/sh to start the Control Center Director engine.
  9. Use Web UI URL supplied at Installation Complete screen to access Control Center Director Web Console.