Control Center Director Web Services

Control Center Director Web Services makes management of vast repository of server roster, deployment scheduling, and license distribution information, for resources in your Connect:Direct deployment, available through a Web-based User Interface (Web Console) and a RESTful API-based interface.

This documentation describes how to plan for, install, administer, and manage Control Center Director. To administer and manage Control Center Director access:

  • Web Console Interface

    Web Services extends a light and clean web-based User Interface, Control Center Director Web Console, or simply Control Center Director Web Console. It provides Connect:Direct® administrators a single point of access to perform operational and administrative tasks necessary for centralized license governance and server management capabilities of your Connect:Direct deployment.

    To access the Control Center Director Web console, see Taking the first steps after installing Control Center Director.

  • RESTful API Interface

    The Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API) is useful when you want to integrate Control Center Director with other solutions or develop custom applications by using the RESTful APIs.