Configuring Connect:Direct for UNIX for License Governance

Set the following parameters (initparms) to automate license metrics collection from Connect:Direct for UNIX.

Table 1. Initialization Parameters
Parameter (initparm) Possible Values


  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Solo
  • Default: Blank (undefined)


  • Production
  • Non-Production
  • Default: Non-Production


A non-negative integer
  • The license.pvu parameter is only applicable for Connect:Direct Premium licenses
  • This value can be calculated using the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) or it can be looked up at the IBM Processor Value Unit licensing website.
  • Default: 0
Note: All three Initparms can be unset and a user does not have to supply a value.
Solo license edition type constraints:
  • A warning message is logged if the number of Netmap entries in netmap.cfg exceeds 2.
  • A warning message is logged when a transfer is initiated with third or later remote entry, in order of appearance.

  • The number of concurrent sessions is restricted to 2 or fewer