Creating a workflow SLC group

You use workflow SLC groups to monitor a group of related or sequential processes or process steps. Workflow SLCs monitor related or contingent processes and process steps by tracking them as milestones in a workflow.

In creating a workflow SLC group, you specify information in the following categories:

  • General information, such as name and description of the workflow SLC group
  • An overall schedule or schedules for the SLC
  • Milestones representing the processes or process steps
  • A time range/duration for each milestone. These values can be based on the workflow SLC's actual start or its scheduled start.
  • Parameters, including optional message lists for generating workflow SLC messages. These messages include jeopardy messages and fire-once messages.

If you want the workflow SLC to generate an alert, you must create and enable the corresponding action and rules.

To create a workflow SLC group:
  1. Select Manage > Service Level Criteria (SLCs) > Workflow SLC Groups. The Workflow SLC Groups listing displays.
  2. Click the Create button to display the Create Workflow SLC Group wizard.
  3. On the General page, enter general information about the workflow SLC and click Next to continue to the next page.
  4. On the Data Visibility Groups page, select the data visibility group to associate with this SLC by selecting the name in Data Visibility Groups and clicking the Right Arrow button  to move it to Selected Data Visibility Groups.
    Tip: If you are a data visibility restricted user, your own data visibility group will be automatically selected.

    Click Next to continue.

  5. On the Schedules page, move one or more schedules from All Schedules to Selected Schedules by selecting it and clicking the Right Arrow button. To move a schedule out of the Selected Schedules list, select it and click the Left Arrow button. Click Next to continue to the next page.
  6. On the Parameters page, enter details regarding how milestone time values are to be handled, the SLC concurrence count, an optional correlator value, and optional Jeopardy and Fire-Once Message Lists.
  7. Click Next to continue to the next page.
  8. On the Milestones page, add one or more milestones by clicking + and creating the milestone.
  9. Click Finish on the Confirm Choices page to confirm the selections you've made.
  10. Click Close on the Finish page to add the SLC to the Workflow SLC listing.