Populating the volume with required user inputs file

After you have created persistence volume, you will have to create volume directory hierarchy on the NFS drive. Following are the guidelines for preparing the volume:
  • Create a common user_inputs directory for the pods.
    Note: The Pod directory will be generated automatically, which will contain all volume sub directories.
  • Place the following artifacts into the user_inputs directory created above:
    • JDBC driver file(s)
    • JRE certificates file(s) if secure connections is a requirement
  • When using SELinux, be aware that the host has no knowledge of container SELinux policy. Therefore, if SELinux policy is enforced, the host/persistence volume directory is not writable to the container. A 'Permission Denied' message will be display.
    To work around this, execute the following command for a proper SELinux policy type label to be attached to the host/persistence volume directory:
    $ chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t <mounted host directory>
    Populating the Volume is complete and ready to be claimed.