Updating alerts

You can move an alert from the Active alerts list to the Handled alerts list in the IBM® Control Center Monitor web console.

When you move an alert to handled status, you are required to add a comment about the update. You can also add comments to the alert before you change its status to handled, and add further comments after the status change. You can view the history of comments that were added to any alert, or print the comment history.

A severity level 0 alert causes the rule service to automatically handle any related alerts. All alerts that are generated for the same linked rule or SLC are related. After the related alerts are handled, you can view them in the Handled Alerts list.

Only the most recent related alert for a linked rule or for the same SLC are displayed.

Tip: To add a comment to multiple active alerts and handle them with one comment, select multiple alerts by using the check boxes and click Handle.
  • To change the status of an alert from active to handled:
    1. In the web console, select Monitor > Active alerts.
    2. In the alerts list, select an alert and click the Handle icon.
    3. In the comment dialog, enter a comment that describes the action that you took to handle the alert, then click OK.

      The comment is recorded, the alert status is changed to handled, and the alert is moved to the Handled alerts list.

  • To add a comment to an alert without handling it:
    1. In the web console, select either Monitor > Active alerts or Monitor > Handled alerts.
    2. In the active alerts or handled alerts list, select an alert or multiple alerts and click the Add comment icon.
    3. In the comment dialog , enter a comment about the alert status, then click OK.