Modifying EngineLogger and CCClientLogger to retain log files

IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor uses EngineLogger.xml and/or CCClientLogger.xml to configure the engine logs and/or console logs. You can modify these two properties files to change how the log files are rolled over and then rolled off. After the log file settings are configured, you could create a backup/archival process, either manual or through some separate process outside of IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor. If the content of a log file is empty, the log file will not be rolled over.

This documentation contains samples of the EngineLogger.xml and CCClientLogger.xml properties files, which when used as-is will cause log files to roll over every 12 hours (midday and midnight) without ever rolling off or being limited by size. The last section provides some notes about the types of parameters changed within the sample files.

The file format of the log files ends with either –AM or –PM, for example, CCEngine_20081105_140306184.log.2008-11-06-AM. This file name format enables you to easily identify and move or copy all log files for a given time period, such as 90 days.

To use a sample configuration file, you must replace the existing file contents with the content of the sample configuration file.

Each time, you upgrade to a new version of IBM Sterling Control Center Monitor or install a maintenance release, you must replace the contents of the file to keep the settings that you want.