Pausing and resuming process activity monitors

You can pause the monitoring of one or more servers, groups, types, or all servers monitored by IBM® Sterling Control Center Monitor. After pausing monitoring, you can resume monitoring.

Pausing does not affect the server or servers themselves, only their monitoring. Pausing can be useful if, for example, you want to bring down servers for maintenance without triggering server-down messages on those servers.

  1. To pause monitoring:
    1. Right-click the server and select Pause Monitoring.
    2. Click OK.
  2. To resume monitoring:
    1. Right-click the server and select Resume Monitoring.
    2. Select whether to resume monitoring from the original pause point or starting now.
      If you choose Now, no data is collected from the node between the time at which monitoring was paused and the present.
      Note: Activity that occurred during the pause period is not processed.

      For SNMP-type servers ( z/OS FTP Server and Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for z/OS®), only the Now option is viable.

    3. Click OK.