IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition

IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition is a complete solution for storing and retrieving documents. Content Manager Enterprise Edition features multi-operating system support, client options, and administration tools including document routing to manage the flow of work through the system.

IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition provides a flexible system that you can use to manage unstructured content according to the needs of your business. Content Manager Enterprise Edition also provides a complete solution to the problem of storing and retrieving documents in almost any format.

Some of the many features offered by Content Manager Enterprise Edition are:

  • Support for multiple operating systems
  • A Java-based tool for managing the system
  • Client options
  • Browser access
  • Support for business documents of almost every kind
  • Administration tools for defining users and user privileges, defining data, and providing ways to manage your servers and data
  • Efficient methods for keeping the system secure
  • Document routing to manage the flow of work through the system

The manner in which the library server, resource manager and Content Manager Enterprise Edition client communicates is sometimes referred to as a "triangle". When the system is installed and functioning, the client application accesses the library server through an SQL request (which is one of the following: create, retrieve, update or delete function). The library server, which contains metadata (or data about all the data in the system), processes the request by looking in its content index for where the data is. The library server then gives the client a security token and a locator within the resource manager where the information can be found. The information is then returned to the client, which then uses the security token and locator to access the resource manager. The resource manager accepts the security token and returns the information to the client through HTTP.