Setting up Lotus Domino to send journal reports

Follow these instructions to set up Lotus Domino to send journal reports to the IBM® Content Collector SMTP Connector.

Before you begin

If you plan to forward journal reports from Lotus Domino to the Content Collector SMTP Connector, ensure that your Lotus Domino server supports forwarding encrypted documents over SMTP. If necessary, contact IBM Software Support to find out if your Lotus Domino installation contains the required fix for APAR LO58538 and that support for forwarding encrypted documents over SMTP is enabled. If the required fix is not installed, the body of email documents that were encrypted by the sender is not forwarded properly, and the content of the journal email body is lost.


To set up Lotus Domino to send journal reports to an external SMTP address:

  1. Configure an SMTP connection to the external SMTP host.
  2. Configure the domain where the IBM Content Collector server is running as foreign SMTP domain.
  3. Enable SMTP authentication.
  4. Set up a journal rule that sends journal reports for all internal and external email to the external host.
  5. Adjust the retry interval for outbound messages to make sure no data is lost if the SMTP Receiver is down.