Setting up a journal rule for Lotus Domino

To set up journal archiving, create a journal rule that sends journal reports for all internal and external email to the IBM® Content Collector SMTP Connector.


To set up a journal rule in Lotus Domino:

  1. In the Domino Administrator Client, navigate to Configuration > Messaging > Configurations.
  2. Open the configuration document for the server that you want to configure.
  3. Select Router/SMTP > Restrictions and Controls > Rules.
  4. Create a rule that journals messages.
  5. Select Router/SMTP > Advanced.
    1. Under Journaling, select Enabled.
    2. As method, select Send to mail-in database.
    3. Under Mail Destination, specify the SMTP address of the IBM Content Collector SMTP Connector.
    4. Enable Journal Recipients.
  6. Select MIME > Advanced > Advanced Outbound Message Options.
  7. Under Always send the following Notes items in headers specify at least the following field names:
    • $JournalRecipients
    • RecipientGroupsExpanded
    • OriginalBcc
    Tip: You can add more fields and extract their content as custom metadata in the SMTP Connector. However, you must explicitly specify the fields that you want to include.
  8. Click Save & Close.