Connecting with external users

Learn what an external user can do in IBM Connections™

External users, indicated by the External user icon icon, can use many IBM Connections features. A person becomes an external user when:
  • Someone in an organization invites them to join a Connections community and they accept the invitation.
  • Someone in an organization shares a file with them.

What external users can do

If you are an external user, you can do the following:
  • Collaborate as a member in communities. For example, you can contribute to a community forum.
  • View and download files that are shared with them.
  • Edit files in IBM® Docs if the organization makes licenses available for use.
  • Join IBM Sametime® meetings that you are invited to.
  • See an activity stream to which you have access.
  • Edit your profile by clicking your picture and selecting My Profile.
  • View abbreviated business cards of people that share content with you.
  • Share files with people.
  • Use the IBM Connections mobile app.
  • Chat with people in the organization.