Configuring Cognos BI Server to use HTTP

Configure the Cognos® BI Server to use the IBM® HTTP Server that operates with the IBM Connections deployment.

About this task

Use the Cognos Configuration tool to specify settings that enable Cognos BI Server to operate with IBM HTTP Server.

Note: The Cognos Configuration tool provides a graphical user interface. If your IBM AIX® or Linux server does not support a graphical user interface, see the topic Configuring HTTP manually for Cognos BI Server for instructions on configuring these settings manually.


  1. Start the Cognos Configuration Tool:
    1. Navigate to the /bin64 directory of the Cognos BI server installation directory.
      For example:
      • IBM AIX, Linux: /opt/IBM/Cognos/CognosBI/bin64/
      • Microsoft Windows: C:\IBM\Cognos\CognosBI\bin64
    2. Start the Cognos Configuration tool by running the following command:
      • AIX, Linux: ./
      • Windows: cogconfigw.exe
  2. Expand Local Configuration > Environment and edit the URLs for the following properties to point to the HTTP server.
    Attention: The URLs must be updated to point to the HTTP server's host name and port number. The port number must be included even if it's the standard port 80.
    • Gateway Settings

      In this section, change only the "Dispatch URIs for gateway" attribute.

    • Other URI Settings

      In this section, change only the "Dispatcher URI for external applications" attribute.

    Note: There might be a need to update the Gateway settings Gateway URI and Controller URI to point to the HTTP server instead of 'localhost' if the problem described in this technote occurs.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Exit the Cognos Configuration tool, making sure to select No at the following prompt: The service 'IBM Cognos' is not running on the local computer. Before you can use it your computer must start the service. Do you want to start this service before exiting?
  5. Restart the Cognos server:
    1. Stop the IBM WebSphere® Application Server that hosts the Cognos server.
    2. Wait at least 1 full minute to ensure that all Cognos processes have stopped:
      • AIX or Linux: and CAM_LPSvr processes
      • Windows: cgsLauncher.exe and CAM_LPSvr processes
    3. Start WebSphere Application Server.
    4. Start the Cognos server.