Using links to start and configure the IBM Connections mobile app

Help users to log in to the IBM Connections™ mobile app by distributing links with server and user information.

About this task

To start the IBM Connections app without any configuration:

  • Android/iOS:


The IBM Connections mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to use a link to configure the IBM Connections server settings in the mobile app. The link can provide the URL of the server along with a user ID that populates the app’s authentication page.


  • Decide how to provide the URL to your users: by email or in a web page:
    • Email has the benefit of being able to provide extra customization. However, creating individual emails might not be a simple task.
    • A web page has the benefit of simplifying the server configuration for all users, but has the drawback that users have to specify the IBM Connections user ID.
  • Create the URL. The user ID is how a user logs into IBM Connections.
    • Android and iOS:


    In the following examples, the user's email address is used as the user ID.
    • Android and iOS:
      • ibmscp://'s server&accountserver=http(s)%3A%2F%2FyourConnectionsServer&
        • This URL creates an account for a user called Keiko Shin and names the account Greenwell's server.
        • If the IBM Connections app already has an account configured with the accountserver and accountuser, the accountname is not used. The accountname is created only when a new account is created.
      • ibmscp://

        This URL creates an account for a user called Keiko Shin.

      • ibmscp://

        This URL creates a link to your IBM Connections server. The user can enter their account information.

  • Distribute the URL in one of the following ways:
    • Email the URL with the preconfigured information, along with the user's names, to all applicable users. On their mobile device, each user taps the link in the email to start the IBM Connections app.
    • Provide a web page which has the URL with the preconfigured information. Each user accesses the web page from their device's browser and taps the link to start the IBM Connections app.

    From a user's perspective:

    • The user installs IBM Connections apps for Android or iOS from the respective app store.
  • The following capabilities are available.