Create CDFTP Procedure

Build the CDFTP procedure and save it in your system's PROCLIB. The CDFTP procedure is executed in your modified FTP JCL. The sample JCL, DGAXFTPP, is in $CD.SDGASAMP.

The following is an example of a CDFTP procedure:

//         SPACE=(CYL,(1,1)),DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FB,
//         LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=24000),UNIT=SYSDA

In this example, the Global initialization parameters file, GLOBINIT, and local initial initialization parameters file, SERVER, contain normal initialization parameters for starting a IBM® Connect:Direct®/Plex Server. If CDPLEX.SERVER= is specified in the local initialization parameters, it is ignored and the JES jobname is used as the server name. The specification of CDFTP as the first override parm after the specification of the location of the initialization parameters file identifies this DTF as a IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ Client.

The SYSTCPT DD is required so that the Resolver will write its trace information into this file when a request to the Resolver, such as GETHOSTNAME, is issued. IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ reads this trace information to get the resolved DATASETPREFIX from the Resolver to determine which FTP.DATA file to open and process.

A z/OS FTP client gets its configuration data from the FTP.DATA file and uses the following search order to find this file:

  • DD card - //SYSFTPD
  • Tsoprefix.FTP.DATA
  • Tsoid.FTP.DATA
  • /etc/
  • tcpip_hlq.FTP.DATA

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ Client will attempt to find the correct FTP.DATA file using the following search order:

  • DD card - //SYSFTPD
  • JobUserid.FTP.DATA
  • /etc/
  • tcpip_hlq.FTP.DATA
Note: /etc/ must not be File Format NA or it will be ignored.
Note: tcpip_hlq is determined from DATASETPREFIX in the RESOLVER trace information written in the SYSTCPT DD. If DATASETPREFIX is not found, the default is “TCPIP".

If the FTP.DATA file is found, the following configuration parameters are honored by IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+:

  • PRIMARY—used for CDFTP.TEMPFILE allocation
  • SECONDARY—used for CDFTP.TEMPFILE allocation
  • SPACETYPE—used for CDFTP.TEMPFILE allocation
  • KEYRING—used to override IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus keyring
    Note: The FTP.DATA file is used by both z/OS FTP and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+. Use ;CDFTPKEYRING if IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ should use a different keyring than z/OS FTP.
  • ;CDFTPKEYRING ;—used for a IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ specific override of IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Keyring
    Note: Do not forget to put a semi-colon (;) in front of CDFTPKEYRING and a space followed by a semi-colon ( ;) at the end of CDFTPKEYRING, which makes this statement a comment to z/OS FTP, but will still be recognized by IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ and processed.

    CDFTPKEYRING ;(or KEYRING if ;CDFTPKEYRING ; is not specified) will override the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus specification of the keyring only if the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parmfile was defined with a keyring. If the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parmfile is defined to use a key database, the FTP.DATA specification is ignored with a message to OUTPUT. To explicitly specify to use the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parmfile definitions (keyring or key database, and to avoid the message to OUTPUT), code: ;CDFTPKEYRING ;.

  • SECURE_DATACONN—used as default for IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus transfers

The IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ Client is a special case of a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Server in a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment. The local initialization parameters file, SERVER, should specify:


For more information about global and local initialization parameters, see Initialization Parameters in the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Administration Guide.