Customization Worksheet

Use this worksheet during customization. Refer to the Customizing Connect:Direct® for UNIX.

Parameter Default Value Value to Use
Connect:Direct node name you are customizing, up to 16 characters long.
Important: Characters used in Netmap Node Names (or Secure+ Node Names or Secure+ Alias Names) should be restricted to A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and @ # $ . _ - to ensure that the entries can be properly managed by Control Center, Sterling Connect:Direct Browser User Interface, or IBM Sterling Connect:Direct Application Interface for Java™ for Java (AIJ) programs.
Initialization Parameters File Information
TCP/IP port number that the server monitors for an API connection request. 1363  
TCP/IP port number that the server monitors for a remote Connect:Direct connection request:
Note: Use the default port number, if available. If the default port number is being used by another service, use any other available port. Check the /etc/services file for a list of ports.
TCP/IP port number that the server uses to communicate with Install Agent included in Connect:Direct. 1365