Using RESTful APIs with IBM Connect:Direct

IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service RESTful APIs enables external business applications to integrate with IBM Connect:Direct. The Web Services RESTful APIs support Read, Create, Update/Replace, and Delete (CRUD) operations on resources using standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods and output resource data in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

IBM Connect:Direct Web Service provide APIs for corresponding Connect:Direct functions such as, submitting a file transfer process, process control, fetching statistics , netmap update for remote nodes , user authorization , user proxy , secure plus configuration, and controlling tracing.

The RESTful APIs can be directly invoked through the following means so as to seamlessly integrated with external business applications:

  • Browser Interface
    • Web Services RESTful API documentation can be accessed in a web browser using the Swagger UI.
    • Swagger is REST API documentation framework that helps developers design, build and consume the RESTful Web services.
  • REST Clients (e.g POSTMAN)
  • Command Line Interface (cURL)

  • Scripts-based RESTful API invocation
Note: Ensure a secure connection with Connect:Direct server before executing the Secure Plus APIs. For more information and example scenarios see the sections that follow.