Special Considerations for Using the Standalone Batch Compression Utility

Consider the following when you are using cdsacomp to precompress files:

  • If you precompress a file with the cdsacomp utility, then you cannot specify any compression options in your IBM® Connect:Direct® Process when you copy that file.
  • You cannot specify data transformations (xlate, codepage, strip blanks, and so on) when sending a precompressed file with :precompress=yes: sysopts (for on-the-fly decompression). The following transformation options are available:
    • -x
    • -p
    • -s
    • -a
  • If you precompress a file with the cdsacomp utility on a IBM Connect:Direct node, then you cannot specify a checkpoint interval in your IBM Connect:Direct Process if you decompress the file as it is received by the remote node.
  • When you are copying a precompressed file to z/OS without :precomp=yes: (for deferred decompression):
    • The Copy operation must specify DCB information for the destination file. The physical block size of the destination file on Connect:Direct for z/OS® must match the logical block size of the precompressed source file on Connect:Direct for UNIX.
    • The logical block size of the source file defaults to 27920 unless overridden by the -b parameter.